World’s First

The most advanced and versatile heavy-duty matting system in the world!

Extreme Heavy Duty

Ultra tough HDPE plastic outer layer with a hard foam inner core for strength and buoyancy.


Large 4x2m mats are ideal for big projects and long access roads.


Make access roads across boggy ground, through swamps, or even floating on water!


Xtreme Mats can be joined in any direction for maximum versatility of site layouts.


These videos are available for download upon request.

Watch the new XtremeMat being put through extreme tests! This mat can really take some punishment…

XtremeMats used to create a temporary access road to a new hangar being built at Gatwick Airport

XtremeMats being crane lifted using a hiab and four-leg chain

XtremeMats lifted using a special fork gripper attachment

XtremeMat being installed over a muddy field


Download a selection of XtremeMat images from our gallery.
These are medium sized images, larger sizes can be available upon request.


Download this A4 double-sided XtremeMat brochure as a handy guide for you to leave with customers:

  • XtremeMat’s key benefits summarised
  • Images of product applications
  • A product specification summary

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